Social Media Updates from Pi Design

Facebook has made so many changes and updates to their site this year that it is difficult to keep up. However, the one that seems to affect businesses the most is the shrinking of the tab size to allow for more advertising space on the right. The maximum width for any Page tab is now 520 pixels, which is down from the old 760 pixels. This happened back at the end of August and I am still noticing that many companies have not reformatted their tabs and applications and they appear as broken. This change was rolled out slowly with notifications and warnings in part to let brands, agencies, page management companies and other marketers finish running campaigns that relied on the wider tab size. But still there are folks that haven’t made the adjustment.

Twitter has also done a number on us by redesigning their pages so that the cool backgrounds we all made last year or before that are now covered up by the application itself.

If your company needs assistance with your Social Media graphics, call us. We can create spectacular tabs to attract visitors to your page and keep them coming back. Included on the post are some samples of tabs we have created for others.

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