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11 Ways to Ruin a Great Design

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

awesome-smAnother post from the purposely silly “This Looks Awsome” Series (yes, we know it’s spelled wrong. It was done on purpose to be silly, you nit)

  1. Create your project in any program with “Microsoft” in the name. You’d be better off finger-painting with mud on an old pizza box, dousing it with gasoline and throwing it briskly into a portal to hell.
  2. OPTIMA OPTIMA OPTIMA. Did I forget to mention that use of COMIC SANS will also immediately discredit you as a designer?     (more…)

Ten Reasons Not to Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

Monday, April 6th, 2009
  1. awesome-smYou really, really like Comic Sans and think it is perfect typeface for all your business documents.
  2. I don’t need graphics. I just want a company logo, brochure, website and trade show booth.
  3. Joe, the IT guy, knows how to stretch and squish photos and place them into PowerPoint to make cool trifolds we can just print out on our desktop printer.
  4. Because you KNOW that people will look at your ad longer if you fill every inch of it with all the information they ever needed to know about your product.
  5. You have all the special effects you could ever need in Microsoft PowerPoint. You know, like rainbow gradients and bevel emboss. (more…)